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LEI Code In Simple Terms

● LEI code – Legal entity identifier code.
● A unique identification code for entities which trade in financial  markets (stocks, bonds, futures, forex, etc.)
● Every deal conducted in the markets will connect to the other counterpart with an LEI.
● Used for regulators to oversee financial markets.
● LEI connects financial markets, companies and regulators.
● The issuing of an LEI code is conducted under GLEIF-accredited LOUs.
● GLEIF – Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation

Renewal Of An LEI Code

legal entity identifier code (LEI code) number needs annual renewal. This means that an LEI code issued on 02.01.2018 will have to be renewed before 02.01.2019. If the deadline has passed, your LEI will become inactive until renewed again. This renewal process is necessary to ensure the data in the Global LEI Pool is relevant and up to date.

LEI Register offers the renewal of LEIs for 1-, 3- or 5-year period. Whatever the period, you will receive a notification from LEI Register a month prior to the deadline. In the case of multi-year LEI code renewal, the LEI Register will take the responsibility to check your data before renewal and renew your LEI code on a yearly basis. Our aim is to keep your data up to date.