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Import Export Code

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Import Export Code License

When preparing to import or export from India, an Import Export Code license is one of the requirements. Importer-Exporter Code is another term for it. Anyone planning to start an import/export firm in India will need to obtain an IEC. The Director-General of Foreign Trade is the one who issues it (DGFT). It’s a ten-digit code that must be refreshed every year. Importer merchants are unable to import products unless they have an IEC. Similarly, exporting merchants who do not have IEC are unable to benefit from the DGFT export scheme.

Benefits of Import Export Code Registration

Business Expansion

With IEC, you may take your services or products to a global market and dramatically increase your business.

No Filing of Returns

You do not need to file any returns or do anything else to keep your IEC valid once it has been assigned to you.

Simple Process

After completing the application, obtaining an IEC code from the DGFT is relatively simple and takes 10 to 15 days.

Renewal required annually

The IEC code is only valid for one year and must be renewed every year. It can be applied to all export and import transactions by an entity.

Procedure for Import Export Code Registration

Documents Required for IEC Registration

  • Copy of PAN Card of Individual or Firm or Company
  • Voter id or Aadhar card or passport copy of the Individual
  • Copy of canceled cheque of the current bank account of the Individual or company or firm
  • Copy of Rent Agreement or a copy of the Electricity Bill of the premise
  • A self-addressed envelope for delivery of IEC certificate by registered post

Documents Required for IEC Renewal

  • 14 Digit IEC license number
  • PAN card details of all the directors/partners/proprietor
  • Residential Address details of all directors/partners/proprietor
  • Entity PAN Card (if any)

Note: All of the above details must be the same as the registered IEC License.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many individuals believe that different IEC codes for import and export are required, although this is not the case. Import and export require only one registration, and the same Import Export Code (IEC) number can be used for both importing and exporting.

Most individuals believe that IEC is only required for the import or export of products. However, it is required for both commodities and services. A service’s import or export is also an international transaction. As a result, anyone offering services outside of India must submit an online IEC application and obtain an Import Export Code.

The DGFT recently announced that every IEC holder must ensure that their Import-Export code data are updated online every year between April and June. Even if there are no modifications throughout the course of the year, the same must be certified online each year. The deadline to renew your IEC is July 31, 2021.

In the past, the Import Export Code was assigned a separate number by the IEC department. The Ministry recently announced adjustments as a result of which an applicant’s PAN will be the IEC registration number. As a result, the PAN and IEC numbers will be identical. The Ministry will register the applicant under IEC and give an approval letter as soon as possible, informing them of their IEC number, which will be PAN.