Change Registered Office of LLP

Change Registered Office of LLP

Change the registered office of your limited liability partnership (LLP) today.

The registered office of an LLP can be moved from one location to another within the same state or from one state to another. Any move from one state to another necessitates new advertising and, if applicable, creditor clearance.


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    Shifting of Registered Office of LLP

    The official correspondence address of an LLP or its major place of business is referred to as its registered office. All official communications from the LLP will be sent to the Registered Office address. After meeting legal requirements, an LLP’s registered office can be moved from one location to another within the same state or from one state to another.

    A limited liability partnership (LLP) can change its registered office from one location to another inside or outside of the state. The conditions outlined in the LLP agreement must be met in order to change the registered office.

    The procedure of moving differs depending on the address to which the office is to be relocated.

    Shifting of office within the state

    By following the method outlined in the LLP Agreement, an LLP can shift its registered office from one location to another. If the LLP agreement is silent on the process, all partners’ assent is required to shift the registered office to another location, and the LLP Agreement must be revised if necessary to make the necessary adjustments. The Registrar of Companies requires that notification of office relocation be filed.

    Shifting of office outside the state

    In addition to the procedure of transferring offices within the state, the LLP must comply with the following extra requirements if its registered office is moved from one state to another:

    If the LLP has secured creditors, their consent must be obtained, and the LLP must publish a general notice giving notice of the change of registered office in a daily newspaper published in English and the regional language of the district where the LLP’s registered office is located at least 21 days before filing the notice with the Registrar.

    Procedure to Change Registered Office of LLP

    Within the same state

    The registered office address is found in many LLP agreements. Any change of address within the same state will result in the LLP agreement being altered.

    Change outside the State

    If the LLP intends to relocate its office from one state to another, it will need to complete extra procedures such as advertising and obtaining creditors’ consent in addition to amending the LLP agreement.

    Partners Meeting or Written consent

    For implementing the essential adjustments, the necessary authorization from Partners, as per the LLP agreement, must be obtained.

    Filing with ROC

    Documents must be filed with the registrar after they have been completed and all other requirements have been met.

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    Change Registered Office of LLP
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