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You must change Director in Company after proper legal documentation, board resolution, and filing of forms with the Registrar of Companies. At FirstFiling, we can help you add or remove a Director from your Company!


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    Changing Director in Company

    Directors are appointed by the shareholders of a Company for the management of a Company. As per the Companies Act of 2013, a Private Limited Company is required to have a minimum of two Directors, and a Limited Company is required to have a minimum of three Directors. On the other hand, a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) has Designated Partners, and Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 requires each LLP to have a minimum of two Designated Partners. Appointment or removal of a Director or Designated Partners may be required due to various reasons. IndiaFilings can help you file the necessary filings to add or remove a Director from your Company or add or remove a Designated Partner from your LLP.

    To add a Director or Designated Partner, you must first obtain the Digital Signature for the proposed Director. Once the Digital Signature is obtained, the proposed Director can be added to the Company with the consent of the shareholders. To remove a Director from a Company or LLP, it is important to ensure the Company or an LLP would have the minimum required number of Director or Designated Partner after removal of the Director. If so, then the resignation letter along with the required form must be filed to effect the resignation of the Director.

    Points to Note about Changing Directors

    Minimum Requirements

    To become a Director of Company, a person must be at least 18 years old and posses Director Identification Number. Foreign Nationals can also be Directors of an Indian Company.

    Director Identification Number

    Director Identification Number or DIN is a unique number allotted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs for any person who is a Director of a Company or proposes to be Director of a Company.

    Identity and Address Proof

    Identity and address proof will be required for all directors and shareholders of the company to be incorporated. In case of Indian nationals, PAN is mandatory. For foreign nationals, apostilled or notarised copy of passport must be submitted mandatorily. All documents submitted must be valid. Residence proof documents like bank statement or electricity bill must be less than 2 months old.

    Registered Office Proof

    All companies must have a registered office in India. To prove access to the registered office, a recent copy of the electricity bill or property tax receipt or water bill must be submitted. Along with the utility bill, rental agreement or sale deed and a letter from the landlord with his/her consent to use the office as a registered office of a company must be submitted.

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    How can we help you with changing Director in Company?


    Our experts will first understand the nature of the change proposed to the Board of Directors and appraise you on the relevant procedures.

    Documents Preparation

    Based on the type of change proposed to the Board of Directors, our Experts will help you prepare the necessary documents that must be filed with the MCA.

    Documents Filing

    Once the internal documents or resolutions are prepared, we will file it with the MCA to effect the change in Board of Directors officially.

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